Lake Atitilan. Guatemala

Lake Atitlan is the perfect piece of paradise. Enjoy a healthy dose of local Mayan culture, draped in the type of greenery that only a rich, tropical, volcanic surrounding can deliver. Water, sun, and adventure await you around every corner. Not your typical destination we know, but Guatemala provides an unmatched ability to deliver immersive and out of this world experiences. We know you’ll love it just a s much as we do!

Marrakech. Morocco

Known as the “Red City” for its richly colored architecture, Marrakech is easily one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities you’ll find. Marrakesh offers an abundance of cultural richness and diversity. With its hidden pathways through the medina, bustling souks, surprising snake charmers, delicious traditional food, amazing palaces, wonderful gardens, and famously welcoming hospitality, the city is an amazing place to experience.

bali, indonesia

With its endless list of sprawling beaches, captivating spiritual energy, and exotic sunsets, Bali is a top travel destination. Bali is full of adventure, with activities to suit all tastes. Spend the day sunbathing at the beach, practicing yoga in a sacred garden, or just having a delicious meal in a cafe with friends. Despite a peak in tourism , Bali maintains its historic culture and spiritual charm.