why do I need travel insurance?

Curated Culture Travel requires that all travelers secure travel insurance. Travel insurance protects your travel investment, as well unforeseen circumstances during travel such as, personal injury, medical expenses, loss/damage of luggage & personal property, reparation expenses, and evacuation expenses.

There are many vendors to choose from, such as WorldNomads.com, but feel free to select the option that works best for you and your needs.


What’s included? what’s not included?

Please visit individual trip pages for details of what is covered. Each trip includes round trip airport transportation, local guides/host, curated activities and/or excursions, and a photographer to capture all of the magic.

We do not cover airfare costs, alcohol, incidental expenses, travel insurance, and visa fees in/out of the country.


will I have time to myself?

Yes, of course! We keep our schedules flexible so that you have time to relax and do you. Nothing is mandatory, feel free to participate in the activities that you are most comfortable with. However, activities identified in the itinerary are included in trip pricing.

If you have any further question , please feel free to reach out to us. We provide more details in our welcome packet, that you’ll receive in advance of your departure. This packet includes hotel information, packing recommendations, information on currency exchange, and other travel tips.